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Premier Perspectives by Laura Schmieder

Cover Letter No-Nos Every Job Seeker Should …Well…Know.

One thing people who are applying for jobs dread most is writing a cover letter. Even if you are a good writer, it can be a chore and a pretty stressful process. Plus, if you aren’t one to frequently write … Continue reading

The Endangered Species of Effective Placement: Clear Communication and Trust

I have an article over on the NPA website called “Zen and the Art of Split Placements”. There are many points within it that I feel are important to employers, but the one that comes to mind most frequently is about … Continue reading

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Premier Placement, Inc., has entered the world of blogging! For years, we’ve enjoyed reading and sharing blog posts with clients, job applicants and colleagues. We enjoyed it so much that it seemed only right to start a blog of our … Continue reading

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